Our Mission

It’s time for a new standard within the fashion and lifestyle industry. From products that lack real value, to relationships built on getting rather than giving, people are asking for more. We love what happens when customers, creators and companies come together and get behind the ideas and products that are truly meaningful and relevant - those that are made to last.

Each product has been chosen because their production processes, materials and values treat both people and the environment with care and consideration. Together we ensure that there is a good balance between social, environmental and economic perspectives along the value chain of any product.

What Sustainability means
for us at The Sendup

Sustainability means that all environmental and socio-economic aspects have been taken into account to ensure we leave a positive impact on the planet and all creatures living on it. This applies to all stages of the product’s life cycle: from design and creation to sourcing, production, distribution, storage and sale.


  • 1. Reducing the use of natural resources like water, energy, land, soil, animals, plants, etc.

  • 2. Repairing, remaking, reusing, and recycling of products and materials already out there. All done without harming the environment, people or animals.


  • 1. Fair working conditions for workers along the entire chain need to be guaranteed.

  • 2. Alignment with good ethics, best practice and international codes of conduct.

Last but not least, sustainability also means we have to rethink how we can buy better, buy less and take good care of what we buy, to make sure it lasts longer.