About The SendUp

Welcome to The Sendup! We have successfully concluded our pilot phase on January 31st 2022. Now we are getting ready for the next iteration of The Sendup. Check back soon or send us an email if you want to be informed once we are launching again.

The Sendup is a platform where good ideas rise and where you can find a selection of beautiful sustainable fashion and lifestyle products from creators across the globe.

Here you can have a say in which products make it to the global stage, support the designers you believe in, and have the opportunity to buy limited pieces made by creators whose stories you know firsthand.

The Sendup is also an ecosystem that connects creators and corporations for mentoring, collaboration and access to finance through its community.

With The Sendup we aim to foster a more sustainable and equitable fashion and lifestyle industry.

SendUP Testimonials

With the Sendup we aim to foster a more sustainable and equitable fashion and lifestyle industry.


The Sendup is a place where you can support and enable sustainable creators with your vote and your wallet.


The Sendup offers sustainable creators the unique opportunity to give their products the spotlight it deserves.


The Sendup has a wide network of experts from the fashion and lifestyle industry to support creators and entrepreneurs with execution, production and mentoring.

Who is behind the Sendup?

The Sendup is a joint initiative by The DO GmbH and H&M Beyond.

The DO is a global platform focussed on empowering a more purposeful economy, one that is sustainable, equitable and resilient.

H&Mbeyond. is a Berlin-based, open innovation lab and functions as a link between H&M Group and everyone who wants to make a change. As a creative space co-creation is at its centre in order to go beyond the boundaries of conventionality to create new standards in fashion retail.